What is Savage/Love anyways?

So this week I got assigned a monologue by my IB theatre teacher at school and it’s from this play called Savage/Love by Sam Shepard. I’ve been trying so hard to do research on it but I guess it’s not a very well known play because there are like four helpful articles on the entire internet about it, AND there NOTHING, not even YouTube videos of people doing the monologe I was assigned. The monologue is called “How I Look to You”. I was pretty surprised that my teacher even gave me this specific monologue because it’s fairly suggestive in nature and NO ONE ELSE WAS GIVEN ONE LIKE THIS. *sigh.* I guess it could be kind of cool to stretch myself and see if I can do this. I have to perform it tomorrow so I guess we’ll see how it goes. I feel kind of artistically blocked right now and I don’t know what I can do with this piece to make it interesting. I really love Buried Child by Sam Shepard and I really enjoy this unit about Joseph Chaikin that we’re doing. One day I’ll have to post about him because he is a really cool dude not to mention he was actually like best buds with Sam. I love relationships between writers like that and like Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir because I love the idea of them writing about each other and getting inspiration from each other. Anyways here’s the monologue I was given:

How I Look To You

When I sit like this

Do you see me brave
Do I make a mystery for you 

When I put on a gaze
When I stretch my arms like this

Do you see me sensual
When I look relaxed 

Do you believe me

When I’m acting interested in your words
Do you believe I’m completely interested

Which presentation of myself

Makes you want to touch

What would make you cross the border?

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